jueves, 31 de julio de 2008

Jobs/ Ambitions:
-hello, i realized that you are reading the same book that i, pretty interesting.
-yes, one of my favorites. my name is gabriel, and yours?
-i'm francis, nice to meet you.
-nice to meet you too, francis. cute name, by the way.
-thank you. so, tell me, gabriel, are you studying, working or what?
-well, now i'm studying engineering.
-that's a great career! i'm working in a library.
-excellent. listen, your accent is very particular, where are you from?
-i born in the best country in all world, italy. and you?
-i'm from L.A.
-cute city. gabriel, you seem to be a nice person.
-i'm nice? thanks! what about you?
-i'am tender and i'am always interested very much in my friends.

viernes, 11 de julio de 2008

Introduction :
The Chinita Virgin is our trustee, so every year in November we celebrate its apparition in our city (Maracaibo)

the thank giving day?

It´ssother interesting holiday in the day the people give thank´s to god for all the things they have and they usually prepare a lot of food speacilly turkey, than they share all the food with their neighbors.In the u.s.a a this thay it´s on november 21 or 22, the people doesn´t wear casuals clothes

The chinita day

In maracaibo we celebrate the chinita´s day on november 18, It´s a really important holiday for us, we is vigin, she apper in our city a years a go on november 18 after to go to the church the people walks for different streets

Keywords: Holiday, Celebrity, festivals.

Commentary: I will like to know about the celebrities in your city, please put one of your celebrity and also, I would like to know your opinion in a commentary about the mine.


viernes, 4 de julio de 2008

my daily schedule

Introduction: : I want to comment them what I do around the day, that way you will know my daily routine.

My daily schedule
My name is francis.I get up early around at 6:00 am o`clock.I take a shower.I go to the university. I have breakfast at 7:30 am. I stay in class until 11:40 am. I go home and then i have lunch at 12. my boyfriends is coming up to my home at 8:30 pm. I am go to have dinner which him at 9:30 pm and then i go to sleep at midnight.

Keywords: get up , Get dressed , check e-mail , take a shower , do homework , work/ go to school , get home.

Commentary: Maybe you’ve any similar routine to me, so I’ll like to know it.

my bedroom

My living room

My diningroom